I am currently engaged in a variety of projects. If they interest you, make sure to contact me.


  • Lived Law: Law, Gender and Community among the Jews of Medieval Egypt  - this is a revision of my PhD dissertation. Under contract with University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • Entangled Networks: Jewish Law and Community through the prism of a 12th Century Egyptian Court Scribe (funded for 4 years by the Israel Science Foundation)
  • A Social History of Jewish Responsa in Medieval Egypt
  • A Murder in Tyre and the Use of Jewish Legal Documents in Muslim Courts.
  • Women’s Letters in the Cairo Geniza.
  • A Masculinity of Belonging: Being a Jewish Man in the Medieval Islamic World.  
  • (with Dr. Guy Ron-Gilboa) Al-Samawʾal’s fakhr: Refashioning the first Arab-Jew – a study of a long Judeo-Arabic poem attributed to al-Samawʾal.
  • (with Alan Elbaum) A Runaway Son in Ayyubid Egypt: A Structural Analysis of Six Judaeo-Arabic Letters from the Cairo Geniza
  • (with Alan Elbaum) Arabic Script documents in the Cairo Geniza
  • (with Naïm Vanthieghem) Multi-script Documents from the Cairo Geniza.